Trees Aplenty addon for Minecraft PE 1.20.12

Trees Aplenty addon for Minecraft adds a variety of new tree variants to the game, each with its own unique look that will make your world feel fresh and exciting.

Not only do these new trees add visual interest to your world, but they also come with all the standard features you would expect. Wood from the trees can be used to make planks, stairs, slabs, and more. With so many new options to choose from, you’ll be able to build all kinds of new structures and items.

Credits: Laiffoo

Trees Aplenty addon

Main features:

  • Every wood type has slabs, stairs, trapdoors, all wood recipes, 3 different trees, saplings, leaves that decay like normal leaves, logs/stripped logs (also wood)
  • Cherry wood found in Birch Forests, common and pink-purplish, highly flammable, and drops cherries instead of apples.
  • Blue Mahoe wood spawns in Taiga forests, drops apples like normal trees, and is blue.
  • Ebony wood found in Dark Oak Forests, thick, drops a new type of fruit (Ebony Persimmon) that gives regeneration once consumed, fire and explosion resistant.
  • Greenheart wood found in Jungle, has thick and thin variants.
  • Peltogyne wood only spawns in flower forests and meadows, tall and purple.
  • Holly wood spawns in all ice biomes, white, fragile, weak to explosions, and touching the leaves will cause damage like a cactus.
  • Cladrastis wood spawns in savannas, is yellow, and has similar properties to Holly wood
  • Jacaranda wood also spawns in meadows, is very purple, and leaves placed in water will heal the player.

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