Real world time sync addon for MCPE 1.20.30

Portal Gun addon If you would ask me, what’s the fastest way to travel in Minecraft PE, I would definitely say – portals. 300 401 +641

How to train a Dragon addon for MCPE 1.20.30

How to Tame a Dragon is an addon based on the animated film and introduces tamable dragons into Minecraft. Just like in the movie, you’ll have the opportunity to become a dragon rider. However, not every dragon you encounter will…

Universal Tool addon for MCPE 1.20.15

Universal Tool addon Universal Tool is an all-in-one solution for mining, digging, chopping, and fighting. Steel Armor addon Steel Armor is crafted from an alloy superior to iron, marking the beginning of a new era in Minecraft PE armorsmithing. Toolbelt…

Working TV addon for MCPE 1.20.15

Working TV addon Complete your virtual home with Working TV set from this addon. Absolute Guns addon Absolute guns add-on distinct itself from the competition with a unique design choice to fit the game’s overall style. Kirby addon Become Kirby…

Firewolf 3D x128 texture pack for MCPE 1.20.12

Firewolf 128x is a relatively sharp high-definition texture pack that will relieve strain from your eyes. While remaining faithful to the vanilla appearance, the texture pack elevates all the graphical qualities of the original to a whole new level. Battery-smooth…

Download Wastelands addon for MCPE 1.20.12

The world of Minecraft collapsed. No one knows how many warheads were launched and how many of them hit, but the damage was done. You’re one of the survivors, hungry and alone, wandering around the wastelands. Lucky you not to…

Big freaking hammer addon for MCPE 1.20.12

Extra Chests addon Extra Chests allows for an easy expanse of your storage capabilities in Minecraft PE. Origins addon Choose your character’s origin at the beginning of every game in Minecraft to receive both good and bad traits.

Medieval Weapons & Armor addon for MCPE 1.20.12

Xenomoprh addon Minecraft has been invaded by vicious extraterrestrial beings with an insatiable hunger, known as Xenomorphs. 149 0

Glass Shields addon for MCPE 1.20.12

Glass Shields addon See through your enemy’s intentions with a glass shield addon for Minecraft. Morningstar War addon Morningstar War addon provides players with an arsenal of modern weapons capable of effective use in any modern conflict.

Roll and Stamina addon for MCPE 1.20.10

Roll and Stamina addon Become a parkour master with the Roll and Stamina addon, which enhances your jumping abilities. Creepy Mobs addon Test your nerves with the Creepy Mobs addon, which injects a dose of gore into Minecraft.

Dandelion 16x texture pack for MCPE 1.20.1

Dandelion 16x is a lightweight but absolutely stunning texture pack that will leave you breathtaking. The pack was built upon the base of old Stealfeathers that stopped the development back in 2011. Thanks to the efforts of the community the…

More Villager Professions addon for MCPE 1.20.1

Having a greater variety of villager professions has its benefits in trade and roleplay. If you didn’t already know, each villager type in Minecraft has its own trading loot table. However, there have never been villagers for something like botany…