Clown Horror map for Minecraft PE

An abandoned circus in the middle of nowhere became your shelter for the night, but little did you know that it was actually inhabited… One night, while going back home, your car broke down, and the only thing around was…

Friday 13th Horror Story Map

Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Friday 13th Horror Story map is made in the horror adventure genre. According to the plot, your neighbor began to do some terrible things, you decided to take an interest and help him. But here you…

dummyMack (Horror) Map | Maps for Minecraft PE

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Do you like mystical and scary maps? Then download the dummyMack map and explore the building where the mysterious creature lives. Just beware of him, because this monster, although smiling, is not at all with good intentions….

The Red Sculk (Horror) Map

Facebook Twitter Pinterest The Red Sculk map will take you on a horror adventure with a dark storyline. You went for diamonds in a cave where entry was forbidden. This cave is guarded by monsters, and they are very sensitive…

Spooky Horror Skin Pack | Skins for Minecraft PE

Facebook Twitter Pinterest On Halloween Eve, of course, there is a new update, the Spooky Horror Skin Pack. With this pack, you can truly be the most intimidating character and scare everyone around you. This pack contains TwitchTube is a…

DEADKRON Horror Multiplayer Map | Maps for Minecraft PE

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Looking for a multiplayer game, try the DEADKRON map. Here you can be in the role of a killer who hunts down his victim or a survivor who is looking for salvation. If you want more atmosphere,…

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 (Tight Squeeze) Remastered

This map is a Minecraft recreation of an indie horror game Poppy playtime.

FNAF Blocks v2 Addon

FNAF Blocks v2 Addon many new blocks for the FNAF pizzeria. Installation guile:– Download file Addon;– Use minecraft– Open the downloaded file to install;– Activate the settings;– Play with the new mod!

Five Nights at Freddy’s V2

Five Nights at Freddy’s V2