Modern Blocks addon for Minecraft PE 1.20.15

Using the 1000+ new decorative blocks from the Modern Blocks addon, build houses, offices, wardrobes, and other structures. Each block type has 16 additional colors, and wooden blocks are available in all wood types. Using the Tile Pattern feature, you can also create customizable tiles with different patterns. All of that combined opens the gates of creativity for everyone who loves Minecraft for its building aspect rather than survival.

Credits: Vechrozilator

This addon also features new tools like Plastic Axe, Wood Saw, and Sledgehammer, which are designed to destroy certain blocks faster than vanilla tools. Additionally, there will be 260 different tiles available in Minecraft, some with very unique textures.

Modern blocks

Many decorative blocks are made from liquid plastics, which are produced when crude oil is smelted in a Blast furnace. You can also produce liquid plastic using the Plastic Extractor, which can be placed on nature blocks in the world layer (excluding ores). Plastic blocks may well be the future of construction in the game due to their endurance and reprocessing potential.

New blocks in the Creative inventory

The addon also includes 3D furniture blocks that serve some functions, such as the Picture Frame for hanging pictures and the Kitchen Stuff blocks for building kitchen counters, sinks, cabinets, and drawers. The Water dispenser is currently functional and works with water containers.

Kitchen build with the use of Modern blocks

Lastly, the addon features various blocks for building cities, including Road blocks, Caution blocks, Traffic cones, and other city-related blocks.

Kitchen cabinets

Activate all Experimental gameplay features in the world’s Settings.