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minecraft apk 2023
minecraft apk

Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: play sounds using mob heads, try to ride camels, store books on chiseled shelves, and much more!

What is new in Minecraft

Mojang Studio continues to work on the Minecraft PE game space. There are several bug fixes, as well as improvements in mob behavior. Players will notice changes that equalize Bedrock Edition and Java.

Improved Camels

These desert animals have already had many features in past editions. The developers have improved the mobs in Minecraft, and animals don’t get into boats.

Players can still saddle camels and ride them around the game world. The main advantage of these creatures is their high stature. Since the MCPE player is above the rest of the mobs, it is easier for him to fight enemies.

Chiseled bookshelf

It is a useful addition to the Minecraft PE player library. Previously, bookshelves served only as an interior decoration, but the developers created a new version of this item. Users can store six books on one shelf at once.

Mob sounds

With the advent of the ability to play mob sounds using the music block, additional sounds appeared in Minecraft If earlier users had to squat while installing the mob’s head on the block, now it is not necessary.


These blocks can be used for construction in the same way as other materials in Minecraft PE Thanks to the unusual texture, bamboo makes beautiful houses and decorative elements. The blocks are also suitable for crafting a hanging sign.

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