Minecraft 3D

Minecraft 3D

Minecraft 3D is a realistic resource pack that adds 3D-looking blocks and items without sacrificing too much processing power.

With this 3D texture pack created by Lvzbx, the game will apply realistic 3D blocks that will amaze you. (also known as LvzBx Default Minecraft 3D) Minecraft 3D Pack Images: 

Minecraft 3D
Minecraft 3D
Minecraft 3D
Minecraft 3D
Minecraft 3D

Minecraft 3D 64x

This is an excellent choice for low-end machines. It lacks the realistic 3D feel to it. However, It has some of the 256x blocks in it to make it look more realistic. These textures are designed for smooth display on weak machines.

Minecraft 3D 128x

This is an excellent alternative for both low-end and high-end machines. This texture pack has the closest realistic feel to 256x without sacrificing too much performance. Again, this texture pack contains some of the 256x textures to maintain realistic, eye-pleasing gameplay.

Minecraft 3D 256x

This is the most realistic 3D texture pack you’ll ever find. Using this option, the player will experience unimaginable realistic impressions of Minecraft that will allow himself to fully immerse in the minecraft world. This realistic pack contains the most highest resolution blocks and items of all listed packs above.

This 3D texture pack features:

  • 3D Ores
  • 3D Items
  • 3D Stones
  • 3D Vegetation
  • 3D Blocks
  • 3D Minecarts
  • 3D Boats
  • 3D Beds
  • 3D Decorative Blocks

The realistic 3D textures really pop out!

We were able to achieve realistic 3D textures by adding 2D shadows to textures using external programs.

You will need decent hardware to run this properly.

This 3D texture pack now features multiple resolutions, check them out below!

If you want more performance or you don’t like how 3D items look you can disable them using in-game resource pack settings.