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Blue Beetle Add-on 1.20+

Discover the ability to rewrite the fate of your Minecraft universe by becoming a super hero with the Blue Beetle addon. With this add-on, you will get iconic items and weapons to fight

Hot Wheels Battle Force Five Add-on 1.20+

The Hot Wheels Battle Force Five addon adds legendary cars from the franchise to the cubic universe. Each type of transport has its own characteristics and capabilities. Choose your car to

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class Add-on 1.20+

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class addon adds a great SUV to Minecraft. On such a car, you can conquer the blocky expanses and feel like a rich man.

Porsche 964 RWB Add-on 1.20+

If you are a fan of the Bavarian firm producing the best cars in the world and want to touch the legend then download the Porsche 964 RWB addon. This car at one time caused a sensation in

Escape: the Village Map

Welcome, friends, to an exciting adventure on the ESCAPE: THE VILLAGE map. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of a huge medieval village, uncover all its secrets and solve riddles to

Star Trek: Shipyards Map

On the Star Trek: Shipyards map, you can visit an entire space city. There are many rockets, ships, buildings and much more. You can play on it by roles or in some inter-space war.

Four Corners Map

The Four Corners map is a mini-game where four players must survive in different corners. The instructions are straightforward; all that’s required is to be at the correct location at

Copper Madness Map

The COPPER MADNESS map is an exciting game with a storyline. According to legend, a scientist found deposits of copper. To explore its properties and extract this doctor created 3 research

Camel Hat Texture Pack

The Camel On The Head texture adds themed headwear to the character in the form of an animal head. This will be especially appropriate when traveling through the desert or if you want to

Paper Cut-Out RTX 2.2 Resource Pack

Prepare to be enchanted by the innovative concept of The Paper Cut-Out RTX 2.2 texture pack, as it introduces a fresh and captivating visual experience to the realm of Minecraft.

The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack

The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI texture pack will make your game interface a little more convenient. This build does not make any changes to the design or graphics.

Brightore X-Ray Texture Pack

If you want to quickly find ores and still not use night vision, then Brightore X-Ray textures are especially for you.