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Minecraft PE for Android

Don’t miss the chance to upgrade to Minecraft PE on your Android device to fully enjoy the new features and improved gaming experience. This latest version introduces an exciting feature that allows you to unlock crafting recipes, giving you endless possibilities for creativity and building. The game has been meticulously crafted, and 15 bugs have been successfully fixed to ensure smooth and flawless gaming performance.

Recipe Unlock

Previously, this feature was about users of the Java version. Now in more detail:

• Experimental feature.
• As soon as you get the resource, you will open the recipe.
• You can also find out the recipe of the received item, if, for example, you found a finished item.
• Upon receipt, the player can see a message on the game screen.


• When using some blocks while crawling, the character does not get stuck.
• Adjusted the character miniature, now it reacts to crawling.
• Hitbox updates correctly when transitioning travel modes.
• The display of suspicious objects on maps has improved.
• Ender Crystal does not break the stability of the game.
• Shields do not remain in the Armor Rack.
• Fixed Boats disappearing on Ice blocks.
• The positioning of the camera directly influences the underwater effects.
• Modifying the settings has no impact on the visual representation of hands or alters the field of view when using the Spyglass.
• X-ray does not work when tuned to fancy leaves.
• Restored the generation of creatures at night.
• Fixed camels taking damage and their animations.
• The Sniffer does not collect plants in the air.
• Tooltips correctly appear when using a gamepad.
• Reworked the crafting of the Bamboo Raft and removed the Shovel from the recipe.

Technical update

16 innovations in this update section. All of them contribute to the improvement of the work of the creators of various modifications.

This is a beta version so don’t forget to back up your worlds. This is necessary so as not to lose the gameplay.