DayZ Apoc addon for Minecraft PE 1.20.12

Experience the thrilling post-apocalyptic world right in your Minecraft Pocket Edition with the DayZ Addon. This immersive addon brings new gameplay mechanics, creatures, weapons, vehicles, and more to transform your Minecraft experience into a challenging survival adventure. Fight off infected hordes, scavenge for resources, and navigate the wasteland in this unique addon designed for true survival enthusiasts.

Credits: Menkrep P

Thirst Bar:

This addon features a thirst bar. When your thirst bar reaches half, you will receive a message stating, “You’re thirsty, get some drink.” If you let your thirst bar empty, you will experience nausea, blindness, and hunger effects. These effects will persist until you drink water. Various drinks, such as mineral water, coke, beer, and energy drinks, can be found in loot blocks within structures.

DayZ Apoc addon
Wasteland Biome:

The Wasteland biome replaces the desert biome, transforming it into a lifeless region that has been polluted with radioactive wastes. This biome is home to very dangerous species.


You’ll need weapons, to survive in this crazy world, and here’s a list of the ones you’ll be able to find:

Pistol – deals high damage but has a low fire rate. It has 8 rounds per magazine and is perfect for clearing the infected.

Hazmat Soldier Gun – can be purchased from the Hazmat Soldier entity found in the Wasteland biome.

Striker-12 – the only shotgun in this addon. It has a low fire rate but deals good damage. To reload this gun, you must hold gauge shells in your off-hand and use the item one by one.

Minigun – a heavy gun that shoots massive bullets and inflicts significant damage in rapid succession. Very effective for combating special zombies and wiping out smaller infected. To reload, craft an ammo box and an empty minigun.


Infected & Civilian – they work like zombies, meaning they can infect others transforming them into monsters.

Deer – drops meat that can be cooked and eaten, a good source of food.

Kamikaze (Special Infected): There are three types of kamikaze mobs. They are big, hard to kill, and explode upon death. Also, their skulls are very valuable and can be exchanged for money.

a. Normal Kamikaze: – when their health drops low, they gain faster movement speed and will run towards you in a suicidal attempt to explode and get you.

b. Chemical Kamikaze: – they work in a similar manner to the prior ones, but they have chemical barrels instead. They emit green radiation smoke upon detonation. A Hazmat helmet can help you protect yourself from the effects of radiation.

c. Poisoned Kamikaze: – works completely different, they will spit poison on you.

Soldier – are friendly mobs that will engage in combat with nearby zombies. But if the soldier dies, he can transform into the said zombies.

Witch – this is no regular witch you’ve used to see. She has a number of tricks up her sleeve, she can claw you and scream to summon two infected mobs. It’s best to avoid her.

Infected Hazmat Officer – this mob is especially dangerous for the ones not wearing the hazmat suit. He will contaminate the area around him with radiation effects.

Bandit – those are humans that stepped on the path of looting and violence. They will hunt down players and civilians to rob them.

Fregon – is a vehicle you can get in survival mode, it requires fuel to operate. When the fuel reaches zero, you can refill it by interacting while holding a full fuel can. You can either purchase a full fuel can from civilians or find one at a gas station in barrel blocks.

Turret – is a defensive structure that functions fully autonomously. It can hold up to 300 bullets in an ammo box and automatically shoot at hostile entities. Once it runs out of ammo, it deactivates until you reload it with an ammo box.

This addon includes various apocalypse-themed decorative blocks that can be used to enhance your map. Additionally, there are different types of loot, such as ammo boxes, weapon boxes, medkits, and food boxes. Level 1 lockers require a lockpick to open, which may break during the process. Level 2 and 3 lockers require a keycard. Sometimes, access is denied initially, but you can retry until access is granted without losing the keycard.