Bendy And The Dark Revival Addon V1.1 [New Mobs]

Hello, in this addon I added some interesting mobs in Minecraft, now, I only added Five mobs for this addon, which is the “ink demon”, “keepers”, “lost ones”,”beast bendy”,”shipahoy wilson” I will be updating this addon if I have time

Gent Pipe:

Damage: 12

this is the only weapon i added

Crafting Recipe:



Ink Demon:

Health: 380

Speed: 0.27

Attack Damage: 61

this mob will attack the lost ones, cuz in the original game, the ink demon is eating the lost ones in the elevator, atleast that’s what i remember 


Health: 100

Speed: 0.25

Attack Damage: 12

now, i don’t know if this was in the dark revival, cuz i haven’t finished playing the game cuz it was really laggy for me, but i saw some videos this guy showing up

Lost Ones:

Health: 100

Attack Damage: 12

Speed: 0.26

this thing is just normal, so nothing to say

Beast Bendy:

Health: 980

Speed: 0.27,5.3

Attack Damage: 672

This beast is related to the ink demon, or the ink demon transform into this

Shipahoy Wilson:

*forgot to take a screenshot of the model, but you can see him once you download the addon ūüôā


Speed: normal 

Attack Damage: 29

*also i will add small bendy next time and im gonna be improving the models too


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